Our role in a client's portfolio

NS&I provides a secure, low risk foundation to any financial plan.

Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I

“NS&I is particularly attractive to those clients seeking low risk investments. However, they can play an important role in investment planning with more speculative investors also. It’s wise for any investor to maintain liquidity within their portfolio and also to create diversity to help manage volatility and risk.”

Robin Melley - FPFS ACSI, Matrix Capital

Safe and secure

All the money saved or invested with NS&I is 100% secure. As we are backed by HM Treasury, there is no overall limit on how much is guaranteed, even above the FSCS limit.

Advisers have told us when they recommended NS&I to their clients, the combination of the peace of mind provided by our security and our link to government, is often met with a positive reaction that helps build trust in the adviser themselves. With our diverse and unique range of products, customers can securely invest over £4 million.

Cash in a product portfolio

Cash is widely regarded as the solid base which underpins a successful investment structure. A healthy proportion of your clients’ money in cash-based products helps deliver:

  • consistent returns and offsets the effects of market volatility
  • a safe haven for emergency access savings
  • the means to quickly grasp investment opportunities

Tax-free advantages

We offer a range of savings and investments to suit different people at different stages of their life.
Included in our product range are a number of tax-free products, including Premium Bonds and Savings Certificates, some of which can be held in Trust and in SIPPs or SSASs.

100% secure

Our savings and investments
are backed by HM Treasury


£4 Million

can be invested by any one individual

Some products can be held

in Trust and in a




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