Why NS&I

The foundation of any financial plan

Our role in a client's portfolio

All the money saved or invested with NS&I is 100% secure. As we are backed by HM Treasury, there is no overall limit on how much is guaranteed, even above the FSCS limit.

Advisers have told us when they recommended NS&I to their clients, the combination of the peace of mind provided by our security and our link to government, is often met with a positive reaction that helps build trust in the adviser themselves.

With our diverse and unique range of products, customers can securely invest over £4 million.

Cash is widely regarded as the solid base, which underpins a successful investment structure. A healthy proportion of your clients’ money in cash-based products helps deliver:

  • consistent returns and offsets the effects of market volatility
  • a safe haven for emergency access savings
  • the means to quickly grasp investment opportunities

We offer a range of savings and investments to suit different people at different stages of their life. Included in our product range are a number of tax-free products, including Premium Bonds and Savings Certificates, some of which can be held in Trust and in SIPPs or SSASs.

Our dedicated services to advice firms

  • Dedicated website and helpline (0800 092 1228)
  • Secure online and phone access to information about your clients’ NS&I holdings
  • Dedicated email address for advisers (adviser@nsandi.com)
  • Regular news updates by email

These are just some of the ways we’re making it easier for advice firms to do business with us.

73% regard NS&I as the most trusted savings provider

FA advocacy score of 8 out of 10

Over 1,700 financial advice firms registered with our dedicated online service

Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I

Obtaining Client Information

Our dedicated online service for advice firms has been highly praised by firms and as a result, NS&I has won its first ever award at the Financial Adviser Service Awards in November 2022.

These awards are run by the Financial Times and are the highest profile awards in the advice industry for product providers.

We achieved 4 stars (out of 5) for both the 'Cash Investment Providers' and 'Cash Investments' awards, and NS&I has been awarded the ‘Most Improved’ in the latter category.

Our advice industry partnerships

NS&I are always keen to increase engagement with advice firms and build closer ties with the industry, and one of the main ways in which we do this is through our partnerships with the key professional bodies and other organisations.

Over the years we have proudly collaborated with bodies such as the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), the Personal Finance Society (PFS), and the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA). This has involved a range of activities, including regularly attending their events and sponsoring some of their initiatives.

We also occasionally work with networks such as SimplyBiz and Sesame Bankhall, as well as well-known media partners like FT Adviser, Money Marketing, IFA Magazine, Citywire (New Model Adviser), Professional Adviser, Adviser Home and NextGen Planners.

Finally, we also engage with paraplanners through Professional Paraplanner events and articles, and through other various industry partners.

Figures correct as of November 2023.

Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I Why Phil Billingham recommends NS&I

Adviser email updates

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