Your clients can hold certain NS&I products in trust where the trustees are the only holders. While we need beneficiaries’ details for our records, they won’t need to sign applications to purchase, cash in or transfer.

Trusts are permitted for:

  • Savings Certificates
  • Guaranteed Income Bonds
  • Guaranteed Growth Bonds
  • Income Bonds
  • Investment Account

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The trust title should be given on the application form when the investment is purchased.

Savings Certificates have historically also been allowed to be held in trust in joint names with one or more beneficiaries. All trustees and beneficiaries are registered as holders and all must sign any applications to cash in or transfer. These trusts are not permitted for any of our other products.

Trusts that are entirely discretionary (e.g. money left in a Will for the benefit of as yet unborn grandchildren), are not permitted.


Applications must be made directly to NS&I. Forms can be downloaded or requested by calling 0800 092 1228 (Calls from outside the UK may not be free. Calls may be recorded). These forms include all the information that your clients need to make their application, including details of documents needed to meet Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

Download forms

You can download the answers to the most frequently asked questions about NS&I products in trusts.

Trust FAQs

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