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NS&I - The Art of Random Noise

Duration: 2:01 16 December 2016

We’ve been using the power of randomness to create extraordinary moments for our Premium Bonds holders since 1957, creating over 350 millionaires and giving out £17 billion of prizes in the process

NS&I heritage – In good times and bad

Duration: 2:47 28 November 2014

Why did our staff save up for a Spitfire? Discover our contribution to the war effort and how we helped fund the rebuilding of our nation.

NS&I - Online banking as it should be

Duration: 0:56 02 August 2016

We’ve made some improvements to the way you manage your savings and investments with us online. Watch our video to find out what’s new.
Our new online service lets you do everything you might already be familiar with. And we’ve also made lots of improvements specially designed around you:

NS&I - How far will Agent Million go to find our monthly millionaire?

Duration: 1:10 23 December 2013

Since 1994, we've made over 280 people millionaires, in over 60 counties. This means a lot of travelling for the person who delivers the good news! Find out just how far Agent Million will go to find our Premium Bonds monthly jackpot winner, and what happens if you're not home when they come knocking.

NS&I heritage – Always here for you

Duration: 2:51 15 October 2016

What did the Victorians, and Charles Dickens, think about saving? The inspiring story of how NS&I began over 150 years ago.

NS&I - Introducing the original ERNIE

Duration: 1:05 01 August 2013

Pioneering technology of the time, ERNIE (Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment) was designed to generate a large volume of random numbers for the Premium Bonds prize draws, when they first started in 1957.

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