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NS&I-branded statement requests

In these challenging times we have been exploring ways we can make life easier for financial advice firms.

We recently conducted a review of the types of requests coming in from firms via the post and phone. We found that 90% of the requests being processed in our back office are for NS&I-branded statements, even though they can be easily obtained through our online service for advice firms.

How to get NS&I-branded statements online

Firstly, you need to register for our adviser online service. This will give you easier and faster access to information on your clients’ NS&I holdings, so is worth doing anyway, but it’ll also give you access to NS&I-branded statements.

Once you’ve registered, this service will enable you to:

  • view your clients’ NS&I portfolios (you’ll need an indefinite Letter of Authority per client)
  • get a valuation of their fixed term investments and see maturity dates
  • see copies of NS&I communications sent to your clients
  • view a client’s transaction history
  • look at your client’s Premium Bonds prize history

If you’d like to register your firm with NS&I, firstly please check with your colleagues that your firm isn’t already registered for the service.

If it isn’t, why not join the 700 firms who are already using this service. You can register your firm now at

In order to specifically see NS&I-branded statements online, your client will need to make sure they’re registered for our customer online service. As long as they’ve done this then they’ll be able to choose from the paperless options available on most of their accounts.

If your client has not yet chosen to go paper-free, then please encourage them to do so. Once they’ve done this, you’ll be able to access the same information that’s available to your client (including NS&I-branded statements) directly through our dedicated adviser online service. This means you’ll no longer need to ask for statements in writing.

Find out more about how clients can go paperless at

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