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Please vote for NS&I in the Financial Adviser Service Awards 2020

NS&I has had two busy years, focussed on improving our services for advice firms, and we are only just getting started.

Whilst firms now readily admit to liking NS&I’s brand, products and security, in previous years we had received feedback about our service not being as good as it needed to be.

Previously if an advice firm wanted to find information on their clients’ NS&I holdings, they would have had to submit a new Letter of Authority, signed by their client, every time they asked for anything. This would have to be submitted by post and they’d then have to wait two to three weeks for a response.

NS&I listened to this feedback, and decided to do something about it…

In the last two years there have been a series of significant enhancements including:

  • A new indefinite Letter of Authority template removing the need to complete a new one every time
  • A Terms of Business Agreement for firms to complete in order to protect all parties including clients
  • An enhanced Adviser Helpline service, enabling information on clients’ holdings to be accessed over the phone for the first time
  • And most importantly - a new dedicated online service for advice firms, giving them digital access to their clients’ NS&I holdings

We’ve made it much easier and faster for firms to interact with us. If you feel the same, please vote for us in the Financial Adviser Service Awards 2020. You can do so here.

Our servicing enhancements are part of our ongoing commitment to enable a closer and more effective relationship between advice firms and NS&I.

We’d really appreciate your support and voting takes just a few minutes.

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