Premium Bonds - a year in figures

This year has been a bumper year for Premium Bonds holders with close to 64 million prizes drawn. Here’s how 2023 looked for Premium Bonds:

  • Almost 64 million Premium Bonds prizes went to Bond holders in 2023, with a total value of more than £4.6 billion.
  • 24 Premium Bonds jackpot millionaires were made, with one winner from Sheffield having £3,000 invested, the lowest value for a winner this year. The second lowest was a winner from South Yorkshire with a holding of £4,625.
  • The Sheffield winner was the 500 th person to win the £1 million Premium Bonds jackpot since it began in 1994.
  • March saw the landmark of £25 billion paid out in prizes in total since the first draw on 1st June 1957.
  • Over 111,000 accounts were opened with the minimum £25 in 2023, with over 52,000 (46%) customers adding to their initial £25 investment since then. The average account balance for these new customers is just over £10,000.
  • Over two million Bond holders check their prizes via our website each month – checking at is one of the fastest ways to check your prizes, along with using the prize checker app or asking Alexa.
  • ERNIE celebrated a birthday in June, marking 66 years since the first Premium Bonds prize draw in 1957.
  • The prize fund rate for Premium Bonds increased six times, starting off the year with the January draw at 3.00% and ending the year at 4.65%.
  • The January 2023 draw saw £229.2 million paid out in prizes. By the last draw of the year in December, the prize pot had increased to £473.4 million.
  • Essex had three jackpot winners with Norfolk, and Sefton in Merseyside having two winners each. Other winners came from York, West Midlands, West Sussex, Greater Manchester, West Scotland, Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, Hereford & Worcester, Staffordshire, South Gloucestershire, Nottingham, Somerset, Croydon, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Wiltshire.
  • Over 80,000 Premium Bonds accounts were opened for under 16s in 2023, meaning there are currently over 800,000 children with Premium Bonds with a total value of over £2.2 billion. 
  • Children shared in over one million Premium Bonds prizes from January to December 2023, worth over £80.9 million.


Notes to Editors

1. NS&I announced on 8 August 2023 that the Premium Bonds prize fund rate from the September 2023 draw would increase from 4.00% to 4.65%, with the odds improving from 22,000 to 1 to 21,000 to 1. Details of all the changes are here. 

2. NS&I has spokespeople available for interview, including Agent Million, as well as a wealth of national and regional facts and figures about Premium Bonds. If you require any further details, please contact the NS&I media team on the contact details below or tweet your question to @nsandi.

3. All Premium Bonds prizes are free of UK Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

4. NS&I is one of the largest savings organisations in the UK, offering a range of savings and investments to more than 24 million customers. All products offer 100% security as NS&I is backed by HM Treasury.

5. Further information on NS&I, including press releases and product information, is available on the website at Follow us on X/Twitter: @nsandi or join the conversation on Facebook: NS&I.

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