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Managing Premium Bonds prizes

We realise how important Premium Bonds are to you and your clients.

86% of financial advisers have told us that they recommend Premium Bonds to their clients.

Over 1.4 million customers have in excess of £30,000 invested in Premium Bonds, with over 670,000 of these customers having the maximum £50,000 invested.

Access to Premium Bonds prizes

We appreciate this is a difficult time for your clients, but we can reassure you that they will always be able to access their Premium Bonds prizes.

If your client is already registered online, they can change their settings to have their prizes paid straight into their bank account. They can do this by logging in at, selecting ‘Your profile’ then ‘Your prize options’ from the menu at the top of the screen. We are encouraging customers to self-serve online during these times to keep our phone lines clear for our most vulnerable customers.  

For those who have not chosen to receive prize payments straight into their bank accounts, NS&I prize cheques are valid for three months – however some banks will accept them for up to six months. 

If your client’s prize cheque has expired, please ask them to call our customer helpline on 08085 007 007 and we will send them a new one.

Other useful tips

Your clients can now choose to receive a text message or email to tell them of their wins. Registered clients can make this change by logging in at and selecting ‘Your profile’ then ‘Your prize options’ from the menu at the top of the screen.

The quickest way for your clients to find out whether they’ve won is through our prize checker app. It’ll show them this month’s prizes, anything they’ve won in the previous six draws, as well as any prizes older than 18 months that they haven’t claimed since their Bonds first entered the draw.

Get the prize checker app on the App Store

Get the prize checker app on Google Play

Premium Bonds prizes for children under 16 can now be paid directly into their parent’s or guardian’s bank account.

For more useful information please visit our Coronavirus: Prize draw FAQs page on our customer website.

How will Agent Million deliver the £1 million prizes?

Normally Agent Million visits the jackpot winners in person to let them know. But in the current circumstances Agent Million won’t be knocking on their doors. Instead Agent Million will be in touch with the lucky winners in other ways to let them know the good news.

For more information on Premium Bonds and our other products download our product guide.

Please remember that your clients’ funds remain 100% secure, even above the FSCS limit.

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