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We understand that this is a worrying time for advice firms and their clients.

We are still working with much smaller teams due to the coronavirus pandemic and so there may be some delays and changes to our services. However, despite this, we would like to assure you that our services are still running and that we are here to support you as best we can.

To help you through this we have compiled and answered your top six most commonly asked Adviser Helpline questions – all here, in one place.

  1. When should I expect to hear back about correspondence I have sent NS&I?

    We will have received your communication and will be processing postal correspondence as soon as we can, but it is taking longer than normal. At the time of writing, it is taking over two weeks to process postal correspondence.

    We recommend that you send in any future paperwork via recorded delivery, that way you will be able to check and be reassured that it has arrived safely with us for processing.

  2. How are witness signature requests dealt with during the current circumstances?

    Our witness signature requests process is still operating as normal.

    If your client is currently shielding and a witness signature is required, please contact our dedicated Adviser Helpline – 0800 092 1228 / – and we will do our best to support them.

  3. How can my client withdraw money from their account and add money in?

    Encourage your clients to go online at for any transactions, including to make new applications, to transfer between NS&I accounts, to check their balances and to choose to have any Premium Bonds prizes paid to their bank account. This will be much faster and easier at this time than providing forms by post.

    If your clients are not registered for our customer online service and want to pay money into an existing NS&I account, please advise them to make a transfer from their bank account.

    Find out how to make a bank transfer to NS&I

  4. My client wants to invest in NS&I products, how can they do this?

    All application forms are available on our dedicated adviser website here for you to print off and send to your client to fill in.

    However, it will be faster to do this online.

    If your client is looking to buy Bonds or open a savings account, then they can invest using their debit card – it takes less than 5 minutes.

    See our accounts and apply online

    Please note, their balance may not update straight away. Please don't worry if this happens – your client will still be able to see their deposit by logging in, clicking on 'View account' then scrolling down to 'Pending transactions' and clicking the plus sign.

  5. How does the application and withdrawal process for Trusts work?

    The application process:

    Applications must be made directly to NS&I. Trust applications must be completed on paper, rather than online or over the phone.

    Forms can be downloaded from our Resources page.

    These forms include all the information that your clients need to make their application, including details of documents needed to meet Anti-Money Laundering regulations.

    The withdrawal process:

    Your clients can hold certain NS&I products in trust where the trustees are the only holders. While we need beneficiaries’ details for our records, they won’t need to sign applications to purchase, cash in or transfer.

    For more information on which of our products can be held in Trust and for our Trust FAQs please visit our Trusts page.

  6. How does the Death Claims process work?

  7. The Death Claims process is still operating as normal, to download our Death Claims form and useful Death Claims guide please visit our What to do when a client dies page.

    When a claim is made, we will respond to it as fast as we can, however please remember that we are still working with smaller teams, so it may take us longer than usual to respond to your claim.

    Like all other forms sent to us during this period, we recommend sending this vis recorded delivery, so that you can be reassured it has arrived safely with us for processing.

To help answer any other questions you have please visit our FAQs page.

Our dedicated adviser helpline remains open – 0800 092 1228 /

We will give priority to advice firms with queries related to helping clients who are most in need and those who need to take money out or pay money in. Other queries will take longer than usual.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this period.

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